3D Perimeter Opening Window

Windows with perimeter opening, made by Izotec Group, equipped with Winkhaus hardware, open all around the sash, which gently moves away from the profile, creating a 6 mm gap. This controlled ventilation method prevents the formation of mold and keeps harmful insects out.

Meanwhile, the window is fully locked with steel safety elements that resist break-in attempts.

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The narrow ventilation gap that forms around the entire perimeter allows for ventilation without drafts and slammed windows!

While in the standard open position, through tilting, rain can penetrate, in the parallel opening position, even during a storm, this is impossible.

Goodbye, mold In the parallel opening position, continuous ventilation is achieved without unnecessarily cooling the room. The window is burglar-proof, allowing for ventilation even during extended absences from home or in locations such as bathrooms, kitchens, or basements. Mold in your home becomes a thing of the past.
Energy saving In the cold season, fresh air can rapidly cool a room, leading to increased heating costs. With windows providing parallel opening, fresh air enters more slowly and uniformly, warming up to room temperature at the same time. Heating or cooling systems operate efficiently, resulting in energy and cost savings.
Anti-burglary protection Safety elements placed on all sides of the window make it difficult for intruders to force the sash open. Moreover, it’s hard to tell from the outside that the window is open. This ensures continuous and secure ventilation. Now, even public buildings can be ventilated overnight. The steel safety components withstand break-in attempts up to class RC2.
No annoying insects The sash moves 6 mm away from the profile, preventing insects from entering, day or night.
Quiet ventilation The perimeter-opening window provides quiet ventilation, even in the presence of annoying external noises. Exterior noise is reduced by up to 30% compared to tilt-and-turn openings, allowing for more peaceful sleep or focused work.
Protected pets Pets can be left alone in the home and enjoy a natural climate indoors. Ventilation is continuous, and the animals are safe. There is no risk of them escaping through the window, as can happen with tilt-and-turn openings.

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