The perimeter Izotec window equipped with Winkhaus hardware opens around the sash, which moves slightly away from the frame, at a distance of 6 mm. This method of controlled ventilation helps avoiding mould and harmful insects.

At the same time, the window is completely secured by steel safety elements that resist intrusion attempts.

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The narrow air vent which covers the entire perimeter makes it possible to vent without air current or slammed windows!

While in the classical tilted position the rain may penetrate the window, in the parallel opening position this is impossible, even during a storm.

Goodbye mould In the parallel opening position, a long-lasting ventilation is achieved without unnecessarily cooling the room. The window is secured against burglary, so it allows ventilation even in case of long-time absence from home, or in places such as bathrooms, kitchens or cellars. Mould in the dwelling becomes history.
Energy saving In the cold season, fresh air results in rapid cooling of the room and increased heating costs. By using the window with parallel opening, the fresh air enters the room slowly and evenly, being at the same time warmed to the room temperature. Heating or air conditioning systems are efficiently operated, which leads to energy and money saving!
Anti-burglary protection The safety elements placed on all sides of the window make it difficult for the burglars to force the sash. In addition, from the outside it is hard to see that the window is open. This guarantees a continuous and safe ventilation. Now even public buildings can be ventilated during the night. Steel safety components resist burglary attempts up to RC2 class.
No disturbing insects The sash moves away from the frame by 6 mm, and the narrow slit does not allow the insects to penetrate the window day or night.
Quiet ventilation The window with perimeter opening ensures quiet ventilation, even if there are disturbing noises outside. Outside noise is reduced by up to 30% compared to the tilt opening, so we enjoy peace and quiet during the sleep or work.
Protection of pets Pets can be left alone at home and enjoy a natural climate in the room. The ventilation is permanent and the animals are safe. There is no risk that they get out of the house through the window, as in the case of tilt opening.

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