The Izotec hidden hinge window opens up a new world of interior design opportunities. The windows are safe and can be designed in large dimensions, allowing you to enjoy as much natural light as possible.

All fitting elements are completely concealed with activPilot Select. There is no need for special maintenance and outdoor cleaning as in the case of a classic system. Thus, the hardware is protected from physical wear or aggression of cleaning materials; hidden items are more resistant and increase the window life time.

The standard activPilot Select solution supports up to 100 kg sash weight – a unique advantage on the market. By adding special items, the system can support a sash weight of up to 150 kg.

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New interior design opportunities

Top equipment

Bottom equipment

Additional equipment to increase the supported weight

The maximum opening angle is 95 degrees

The windows will no longer hit the sill and will not have any unsightly, disturbing scratches that could only be remedied by replacing the window.

The activePilot Select system is flexible and allows the subsequent addition of functional elements from the activePilot program, namely:

  • alarm sensor
  • equipment for higher safety classes – RC1 / RC2

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