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Do you sell windows or run a construction business?


We are Izotec Group, a premium PVC window and door manufacturer. We seek to build successful partnerships with window dealers and construction professionals. Our aim is to find optimal solutions for our clients and, together, to contribute in educating the market and establishing a higher standard of quality. Ultimately, we aim to be efficient and achieve top-notch results without financial compromises.

We respect our clients and ensure an optimized and closely monitored process from the acquisition of basic materials to the delivery of the final project. We will make sure everything is in place, in order for you receive the products quickly and at the required standards. Our prices are flexible, but our commitment to quality is unwavering.

What we offer:

  • a trustworthy partnership based on reliability, seriousness and professionalism

  • counseling and support whenever you need it

  • premium products with international certifications

  • fast delivery to ensure your projects don’t wait

  • attractive financial conditions and fair prices

How do you know if Izotec Group’s PVC window offer fits your needs?

Do you sell windows or run a construction business and are in search of a dependable PVC window manufacturer? We invite you to explore our range of windows and doors, designed specifically for our partners. Our offer provides high-quality products at attractive prices, with fast delivery.

We focus on PVC windows dealers and resellers, as well as construction specialists who need a consistent supplier of windows and understand that reliability and professionalism should be top priorities. If you have, over time, dealt with delayed window orders, which have affected your relationship with end-customers and hindered your work, you might be interested in this partnership.

Why choose Izotec Group as your business partner?

Izotec Group’s promise is: premium products, manufactured according to the highest standards, using modern technology supported by digital assistance. Our PVC windows are internationally certified by the German Institute for Window Technology – IFT Rosenheim. Here are some of your other advantages if your become our partner.


High quality at an affordable price

Many dealers are searching for cheap PVC windows, but they often overlook the potential drawbacks of products with excessively low prices. We refuse to sacrifice quality for any reason. While inexpensive PVC windows may seem like a cost-effective investment, they can lead to long-term issues, repairs, and other problems that impact the final outcome.

As such, quality is our top priority. We provide premium products made from durable materials, which we constantly optimize. Furthermore, we’ve negotiated the best prices for our raw materials. Therefore, for a reasonable fee, we can guarantee the consistent delivery of products and services most frequently requested by customers. Those who choose to pay in advance can also benefit from an additional discount!

7 working days delivery

Quality isn’t our only strenght. We understand how important it is for materials to be readily available for a project, so we offer fast delivery. Our production capacity is enough to allow for the production and delivery of windows within 7* working days, ensuring that your projects can start immediately.

*7 working days delivery is available for certain products, depending on location.

Technical features of PVC windows

PVC profile

Our window range for resellers includes windows ensuring superior thermal insulation, with Gealan profiles. They are easy to clean and allow more natural light inside.

Furthermore, to consistently improve our customers’ quality of life, we have introduced Izo3+, a premium window. This window features a 74 mm PVC profile with 6 chambers and 3 insulation gaskets. The energy efficiency of Izo3+ is significantly enhanced thanks to the 3rd insulation gasket and to the innovative elements present in the new Gealan Linear profile.

The PVC profile is available in various colors, such as: white, golden oak, walnut, and anthracite gray.

See specifications!


Every component of Izotec Group’s windows is high-quality, including the reinforcement. This is produced by Kovostroj, a company from the Czech Republic, using premium steel, that ensures durability and stability over time.


Our range of windows is equipped with Winkhaus Activ Pilot Plus fitting system, for airtight sealing and superior ventilation. This system includes the following features:

  • 4 adjustments for micro-ventilation
  • sash lifter
  • fail-safe device
  • ball-lock hinge

You can see exactly how Activ Pilot Plus works by watching the video below:

Discover Izotec Group

Izotec Group understands the importance of using resistant materials for a successful project. This is why we offer an attractive price-to-quality ratio and fast delivery so that our partners can provide their customers with exactly what they desire.

We invite you to discover Izotec Group’s story and take a virtual tour to learn more about us. You can access this virtual tour by clicking here.

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