Izotec Group adheres to German standards in its production processes

The substantial investment of over one million euros in Urban GmbH brand production equipment in 2022 not only stands as a testament to the quality of Izotec brand products but also underscores the ongoing commitment to producing goods in the Izotec Group factory that adhere to rigorous international standards – efficient, qualitative, sustainable, and error-free. Remarkably, this dedication to excellence dates back to 2004 when Izotec Group initiated a consistent journey of technological advancements and modernization, with a sole objective: delivering premium, safe, and comfortable products to our valued users.

Since 2008, Izotec brand windows and production processes within the Izotec Group have been proudly certified by the IFT Rosenheim Institute. However, as of 2019, Izotec brand products have achieved a higher level of certification, positioning Izotec Group among the select few Romanian companies boasting such esteemed recognition.

“Quality is not a coincidence”

The phrase “Quality is not a coincidence” resonates strongly with IFT Rosenheim, an independent institute that accredits products and production processes. Founded in Germany nearly six decades ago, it now operates in over 50 countries.

As Europe’s foremost window certification institute, documents issued by the IFT Rosenheim carry substantial credibility and international recognition among manufacturers, architects, resellers, builders, and public authorities.

The institute actively participates in standardization committees within the countries it operates, providing added value to dedicated manufacturers and ensuring respect for end-users.

„In collaboration with Fereastra (The Window) magazine and with the IFT Rosenheim Institute, Izotec Group has actively contributed to the creation of the first technical manual in our field, available in Romanian. Notably, Izotec Group played a pivotal role in developing the first professional window installation guide in Romania — an achievement of significant importance in our industry, given that proper installation accounts for 50% of window quality. We take pride in being aligned with European multinationals and gracing the front page of this handbook. We remain committed to setting the industry standard.“ says Ciprian Chelariu, founder of Izotec Group.

Auditors from the esteemed German institute, IFT Rosenheim, bring a wealth of experience to the field. They are meticulous, leaving no room for compromise. Annually, they visit the Izotec Group factory, conducting neutral and comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of production processes and resultant products. Moreover, to secure international IFT certification, each of Izotec Group’s suppliers (profiles, glass, hardware) must also hold certification.

Within the scope of factory production control, the following parameters are meticulously checked:

  • adherence to execution instructions from the system manufacturer (Gealan/Profine)
  • proper positioning and count of drainage, ventilation and holes
  • precision in cutting and welding, ensuring conformity with the design of the cut or welded profile
  • compliance with welding plate temperatures, according to manufacturer specifications
  • rigorous metrological verification of all measuring and control devices
  • scrutiny of screw compliance with system manufacturer specifications
  • configuration of quantities in line with project requirements
  • execution and characteristics of reinforcement, per project specifications
  • technical compliance of the glass
  • presence of correction and prevention processes
  • implementation of weld strength tests

Quality control for windows and doors entails rigorous testing, including mechanical durability assessments through 15,000 opening and closing cycles, as well as evaluations of mechanical resistance, air permeability and tightness during regular production tests. These measures underscore Izotec Group’s capacity and expertise in manufacturing high-quality, internationally certified windows.


“We take immense pride in having pioneered the trends in the Romanian carpentry industry. We are the first company in the country to obtain CE marking certification from the prestigious IFT Rosenheim Institute in Germany. The first CE-marked window in Romania rolled off the production line here, in Piatra Neamț. This is not just any mark; it’s certified by the most respected European window testing institute — the true pioneers of this industry. Year after year, they affirm that we rank among the top 10% of window manufacturers, encouraging our expansion into the German market. This signifies that our products can now find homes across European markets, not just in Romania. Every year, a team from Germany inspects our production processes, scrutinizing everything from small screws to our supplier certifications”, emphasizes Ciprian Chelariu, the founder of Izotec Group.

What does this commitment mean to our users?

PVC windows and doors represent an investment that pays off over time, offering premium features at standard prices. With the meticulous oversight of production processes by the German institute IFT Rosenheim — as an external authority — users can rest assured of the quality of Izotec brand products.

This assurance is rooted in:

✓ strict adherence to construction legislation requirements

✓ authenticity of documents and tests

✓ rigorous audits and monitoring of production in the Izotec Group factory

✓ publication of samples and product properties on the IFT Rosenheim website

cum alegi furnizorii

By choosing products bearing the Izotec brand, you can count on:

✓ excellent thermal and sound insulation

✓ exceptional weather and fire resistance

✓ enhanced security against break-in attempts

✓ long-term returns on investment without compromising comfort

✓ timely delivery ensuring project completion

✓ a wide range of optimized solutions tailored to your specific needs

✓ comprehensive advice and support throughout our collaboration

On IFT Rosenheim’s website, you can access the certifications earned by Izotec Group.

Additionally, Izotec brand products comply to the nZEB standard for energy performance calculation, boasting extended warranties of up to 30 years for select products.



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izotec - tamplarie pvc - iso 9001
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izotec - tamplarie pvc - iso 14001
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izotec - tamplarie pvc - iso 45001


I was deeply impressed by how the windows were packed and by their promptness.

M.C., beneficiary, Italy

Seriousness, transparency, help, and fast delivery. I have nothing bad to say. I was helped whenever I needed!

Mihaela G., partner, Brașov

The job turned out great, congratulations! I am very satisfied with the windows and the number of closing points on each window and door.

Adrian G., beneficiary

They are the best PVC windows manufacturers in the country, extremely professional and serious. I am very satisfied with our collaboration.

Cristian T., beneficiary

I was very impressed by your company, its seriousness, promptness, and I hope you will continue this way. Thank you for the collaboration. Well done!

Daniel C., distributor-installer, Italy-France

An impressive concept for a city like Piatra Neamț. We are proud to have you as partners for the window and door segment.

Manuel E., builder, Iași

I’m impressed by how quickly you respond when problems arise. It’s an honorable company.

A collaborator

Quick loading, friendly people, everything went fast.

Andrei, beneficiary

Delivery and assembly were prompt, according to the date specified in the contract. However, the most important aspect, for a real estate project like ours, is that the warranty truly means a warranty. We always received responses to our requests, and minor adjustments after installation were taken seriously. Therefore, we consider that by collaborating with a large company like Izotec Group, the risks related to windows are considerably reduced, which is why we can convey trust to our clients.

Tudor S., real estate developer, Iași

You received us in an extremely warm and professional manner. We really enjoyed the visit; it was impressive. The visit to the Izotec Group’s factory was the most comprehensive (and we’ve made many visits in Romania). Thank you and good luck!

Yehiel W., Israel

I was very impressed by the new production hall. I was very impressed and appreciated the management and the production team.

Marcel P., collaborator, Suceava

I’m delighted with the visit to the Izotec Group’s factory, pleasantly surprised by the availability and dialogue we had and by the technical level of the new equipment.

Partner, Vrancea

Complex and informative visit. Now we really know what we’re buying! Thanks for everything!

F.M., Neamț

Seriousness. And, most importantly: promptness.

Liviu D., beneficiary

Staffed by professionals, very friendly and well-prepared, willing to explain all the details in depth. The visit to the factory is enlightening. Keep it up!

Sabin T.

Seldom have I had the chance to see where those things created by people for people and important in everyday life are made. It’s always a pleasure to come to Izotec Group and I appreciate it when I know that some people are doing their job well and passionately. Thank you!

Partner, Transylvania

After many years of collaboration, it’s a pleasure to be back at Izotec Group’s factory. The strides Izotec Group has made during this time are huge, and the results are up to expectations. The new and advanced equipment contributes to quality production. Congratulations and good luck!

D.G., beneficiary
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