We would be delighted to personally present you our entire production process. If you are unable to visit us, we come to you through our easily accessible virtual tour, available here.

You can see details from the production process, including video presentations, as well as a selection of the most important products at Izotec Group’s showroom.


Tell us about your projects or just say “Hello!”. We’re here to help bring your projects to life. Let us provide you with the inspiration you need.



Headquarter and Production Halls

Săvineşti, Gheorghe Caranfil Street No. 2, Romania
Phone No.: +40 233 221 702 | +40 746 036 227
Fax: +40 233 281 122
Email: office@izotec.ro

Sales Department

Phone No.: +40 233 220 177 | +40 751 511 595
Email: sales@izotec.ro