We are a company with a longstanding tradition in Piatra Neamț, and the people here represent the most important resource of Izotec Group, the creative force that has fueled our activities for two decades in the Moldavian region.

We consistently carry out CSR initiatives because we believe that corporate social responsibility is the means through which we can enhance people’s lives. We actively engage in supporting the local community, not only on social and educational levels but also by assisting in infrastructure projects and professional integration programs.

izotec csr 2021

We stand by the community we are a part of, participating in a wide range of social projects, including:

  • supporting the local healthcare system through financial and material assistance since the beginning of the pandemic
  • organizing sports competitions for children and adults, including tennis, skiing, soccer, basketball, swimming, and horseback riding
  • campaigns to aid individuals affected by natural disasters such as floods and fires, providing new double-glazed windows for homes
  • upgrading double-glazed windows and doors in educational, cultural, and sports facilities
  • supporting school projects, including invention and innovation contests, organizing “Freshman Ball” events in high schools, and projects organized by youth volunteer associations in the community
  • financial support for outdoor activities, exploration and mountain running
izotec csr 2021

We are actively engaged in supporting the local community.