The entrance door is the home’s business card.
It has both an aesthetic and a protective role for the home.


Izotec offers you various models, made of high quality PVC profile and equipped optionally with:

  • Shatterproof or decorative glass – see the glass customization models below;
  • Ornamental panels – see the models of PVC panels below.

Hardware for doors

Protection and safety through Izotec doors equipped with smart and secure hardware!

We all want to secure our property, but also to protect our loved ones, without the fear that a burglar can enter our home.

The smart hardware solutions developed by the German supplier Winkhaus allow Izotec doors to provide high safety and lasting service.

Whether you are at home or away, you can rely on the robust and safe closing technique featured by the Izotec doors.

Winkhaus door fittings are certified by the German Institute IFT Rosenheim.

Choose the closure system suitable to your door

Winkhaus autoLock AV3

Automatic multi-point locking system – Recommended by the German police

Safely closing doors, tightness and comfort – this is what Winkhaus’s automated system offers.

The system locks the door automatically when closing, without the need for key lock.

If you have rushed to a meeting and forgot to lock the door, don’t worry.

AutoLock AV3 locks the door automatically when you exit.

The massive swinging bolt falls into the lock without the need to use force and without turning the key in the door.

The door is open
the latch and the sealing element are withdrawn

The door closes
the sealing element is activated and the swinging latch extends

The door is fully closed
the swinging latch engages deeply in the locking pad

The AutoLock AV3 closing system convinces

Immediate locking by simply closing the door
Energy saving due to high tightness
Long life of the door
Increased safety and protection, even when the door is closed

Advantages of the system

01. Dual swinging latch

The system keeps the massive latch, which is automatically triggered without a key and is fastened deeply into the closure area. The new sealing element maintains the door leaf in place and protects the system against environmental factors.

02. Improved sealing

The sealing element ensures perfect door closure, even after years of use. Temperature losses are reduced, housekeeping savings are obtained and the door is easily handled every time.

03. Central magnetic trigger

The magnetic trigger reduces the scratching of the door frame to a minimum. It activates the finger tapping pin in the lock only after the door is completely closed in the frame.

04. The new daytime latch

The blue button ensures the practical daytime latch function, by which the door can be opened from the outside without a key. One actuation is sufficient to ensure free entry when needed!

Choose the closure system suitable to your door

Winkhaus M2 closure lock

Actuation of the swinging latch.

  • 2 steel swinging latches with optimized torsional geometry;
  • The 24 mm nose is 4 mm larger than the standard, and thus ensures deep anchoring;
  • It is a suitable solution for high protection doors;
  • Applicable to all profile types;
  • Galvanized closing plate;
  • Allows additional equipment with other fittings;
  • Also available with 4 swinging latches, for doors with high anti-burglary protection.

Choose the closure system suitable to your door

Winkhaus standard closure lock

  • 4 eccentric locking bolts;
  • in comparison with common locks, it provides added security against intrusion attempts;
  • easy to adjust vertically, even without tools.

Choose the right accessories for your door

Door hinges

The Simonswerk 3D hinge system is optimized and specifically adapted to the requirements of PVC doors.

The hinges have rounded edges, cylinder diameters accurately calculated and covers with a pleasant design, contributing by functionality and aesthetics to a pleasant overall look of the doors.

The load bearing capacity is up to 120 kg and the mechanism is maintenance-free.

The Simonswerk hinge system helps to increase door anti-burglary protection through superior operating quality and a high technical standard.




Door handles

Available in colours matched to the profile colour.





Advantageous solutions for windows and doors

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