PVC Doors with Insulated Glass Windows

The entrance door is the calling card of your home.
It serves both an aesthetic and protective function for your house.


Izotec Group offers a variety of entrance doors with insulated glass, made with top-quality PVC profiles and optionally equipped with:

  • security or decorative glass – see below for glass customization options;
  • decorative panels – see below for PVC panel designs.
  • Ornamental panels – see the models of PVC panels below.

Door Hardware

Protection and safety with doors made by Izotec Group, equipped with smart and safe hardware!

Everyone wants to safeguard their possessions and ensure the safety of their loved ones, without the fear of unauthorized intrusion.

The intelligent hardware solutions developed by the German supplier Winkhaus allow entrance doors made by Izotec Group to provide high security and long-term functionality.

Whether you are at home or away, you can rely on the robust and secure technology used for the doors we produce.

The hardware for PVC entrance doors with insulated glass is certified by the German Institute IFT Rosenheim.

Choose the Right Locking System for Your Door

Winkhaus autoLock AV3

Automatic multi-point locking system – Recommended by the German police

Securely locked entrance doors, ensuring airtightness and comfort – this is what the Winkhaus automatic system offers.

The system automatically locks the door upon closing, eliminating the need for manual key locking.

No more worries if you forgot to lock the door in a hurry, you can relax now.

The autoLock AV3 system locks the door automatically after you exit.

The massive flush bolt (interlock toggle latch) drops into the striker without the need for force or turning the key in the door.

The door is open
the latch and the sealing element are withdrawn

The door is closing
the sealing element is activated and the toggle latch is extending

The door is completely closed
the toggle latch is positioned deeply into the closing plate

The autoLock AV3 system is convincing

Immediate locking by simply closing the door
Energy-saving due to high sealing performance
Extended door lifespan
Enhanced safety and protection, even when the door is simply closed

Advantages of This System

01. Duo flush bolt (interlock toggle latch)

The system retains the massive bolt, which automatically engages without a key, securing it deep within the locking area. The new sealing element maintains the door position better and protects the system from environmental factors.

02. Improved sealing

The sealing element ensures a perfect closure of entrance doors, even after years of use. Temperature loss is reduced, maintenance costs are saved, and the door is easy to operate every time.

03. Central magnetic trigger

The magnetic trigger minimizes scratching of the door frame. It activates the probe pin in the lock only after the door is fully closed in the frame.

04. New day latch

The blue button provides the practical function of a day latch, allowing the door to be opened from the outside without a key. A single action to easily enter the house when needed!

Choose the Right Locking System for Your Door

Winkhaus M2 Locking Mechanism

How the flush bolt work

  • 2 or 4 steel tilt bolts with optimized torsion geometry
  • the 24 mm bolt is 4 mm larger than standard, ensuring deep anchoring
  • suitable for PVC entrance doors, providing high anti-burglary protection
  • applicable to all profile types
  • galvanized striker plate
  • allows later retrofitting with additional features
  • also available in the version with 4 steel tilt bolts for high anti-burglary protection

Choosing the Right Locking System for Your Door

Standard Winkhaus Lock

  • 4 eccentric locking bolts
  • provides additional security against burglary attempts compared to standard locks
  • easily adjustable vertically, even without tools

Select the Right Accessories for Your Door

Door Hinges

The Simonswerk 3D hinge system is continuously optimized and specially tailored to the requirements of PVC doors.

Rounded edges, precisely calculated cylinder diameters, and aesthetically pleasing cover caps contribute to a harmonious overall appearance of the doors.

It can support up to 120 kg of weight, and the mechanism requires no maintenance.

The Simonswerk hinge system enhances anti-burglary protection, thanks to high-quality components and high technical standards.




Door Handles

Available in colors matching the profile colors.





Favorable solutions for PVC windows and doors