Windows are the architectural elements that provide access of natural light and fresh air into the house.

By their shapes the windows also give a personal touch to the building, whether it is a renovation or a new construction.

A very important element in the structure of the window is the glass you choose and its performance levels, so you can enjoy comfort, safety and privacy.

Izotec meets these needs with a wide range of glass supplied by Saint-Gobain Glass, the number one glass manufacturer in the world.

The solutions have special advantages:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Safety and security
  • Solar control
  • Phonic protection
  • Energy saving

In the cold season you can enjoy larger windows and more natural light, and your home is thermally insulated.

The thermal insulating glass retains heat inside and allows the sunlight to heat the inside space.

In winter, the temperature provides the necessary comfort even near the windows.

Advice: For increased comfort we recommend triple glazing (with 3 glass sheets), superior to the standard one with 2 glass sheets.

For enhanced safety and security, choose the windows with laminated or shatterproof glass. You are protected against accidents caused by accidental breakage of the glass, and thieves are discouraged when they want to enter the house.

The laminated glass is made of glass layers glued all over the surface with a PVB film (polyvinyl butyral).
It firmly joins the glass sheets, and increases the strength and elasticity of the surface.

Advantage: in case of an impact, dangerous pieces of glass do not scatter, there is no risk of injury!

Solar control windows are the optimal solution to avoid overheating during the summer.

The glass reflects about 2/3 of the solar heat but at the same time it allows the natural light to penetrate.

Thus, the heat surplus from the outside does not enter the house and the air conditioning system is not overused.

Advantage: The home is optimally illuminated by natural light!

Compared to traditional windows, the windows with double or triple glazing help to substantially reduce the external noise levels (public works, traffic, music).

You can enjoy a quiet, relaxing environment, because the glass acts as a barrier and stops disturbing sounds coming from outside.

Advantage: Enjoy peace and relaxation at any time!

Windows equipped with modern glass achieve energy savings by illumination of homes with natural light, moderate use of air conditioning and thermal insulation during the cold season. Dwellings having windows with high-performance double or triple glazing require energy consumption a few times smaller than those equipped with traditional windows.

Advantage: At the individual level, home maintenance expenditure is reduced, and globally less resources (in fact limited) are consumed to generate energy for buildings.

Individual comfort is enhanced, and the environment we live in is protected!

Warm Edge Spacer

The Multitech G warm edge spacer is made of plastic and is installed between the glass panes. Compared to aluminum spacers, it has lower thermal conductivity and stops thermal bridges.


  • improves the thermal conductivity of PVC windows
  • ensures a higher temperature of the glass surface due to better thermal insulation
  • decreases the likelihood of condensation
  • reduces heat loss


Standard glass

Standard Izotec equipment is made with SGG PLANITHERM XN, a perfectly transparent glass with high energy efficiency and very good light transfer.  The thickness of the glass package varies from 24 to 54 cm, with double or triple glazing, depending on the chosen product type.  The windows can be equipped with double or triple glazing for superior interior comfort.


  • Thermal insulation
  • Maximum brightness
  • Total transparency
  • Meets the passive house standard
  • Energetically efficient
  • Suitable for residential and commercial buildings

Glass with solar and thermal control

For increased summer comfort we recommend the Izotec window solutions with solar control function. They can be equipped with SGG Planistar Sun or SGG Planitherm 4S Evolution glass.

SGG Planistar Sun is the optimal solution especially for south and west-facing buildings by reducing summer overheating and providing superior thermal insulation during winter.

Large windows can be designed, which provide a generous supply of natural light in any season and thus the energy expenses are optimized.

SGG Planitherm 4S is a product with dual function – superior solar control and exceptional thermal insulation.

The windows provide the perfect temperature and ideal light regardless of the season. The summer-winter comfort function ensures a pleasant atmosphere at all times.

SUMMER– an optimal temperature indoors, even on hot days. Large glazed surfaces can be designed, according to the current exterior design trends.

WINTER– a three times higher insulation than ordinary double glazing. In the cold season heat loss will decrease and the comfort close to windows will be higher.

In spring and autumn the transition between seasons is easier, and the necessary comfort is ensured regardless of climate change.

Shatterproof glass

Shatterproof laminated windows are made up of two or more glass sheets assembled with one or more PVB (polyvinyl butyral) films.

You may choose advanced safety solutions, depending on the nature of the risk and the level of security you want.

The Izotec windows can be equipped with:

  • SGG Stadip glass
  • SGG Stadip Protect glass


  • Protection against injury – glass fragments remain attached to the lamination film
  • Protection against falling – in case of breakage, the bodies that caused the glass to break can be retained
  • Protection against vandalism and burglary
  • Protection against firearm attacks
  • Protection against UV rays
  • Phonic protection

Decorative glass

Glass can also be used for interior decoration, in a variety of patterns and sizes customized by sandblasting, printing or using special decoration glass. You can choose for doors and windows from the models presented in the catalogue below:

Advantageous solutions for windows and doors

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