Each of us needs protection and safety, both in the privacy of our home and at the workplace. The need for safety is related to the personal security, the security of family members or work colleagues, as well as the protection of goods and material assets that surround us.

We fully understand this need, and are offering the most advanced safety concepts developed by our supplier, the German company Winkhaus.

The hardware and closing and control systems made by Winkhaus are certified by the most prestigious European institute in the field: the German Institute for Window Engineering – IFT Rosenheim.


Burglars do not operate only in the dark, but just as frequently in broad daylight when people are not at home. So it is more important to protect your home at any time, 365 days a year!

More than 90% of burglaries occur by force-opening the sash or breaking the glass. To prevent criminals from entering your home, windows need to be equipped with:

The more heavy-duty safety parts made of hard steel are used to fasten the sash, the more difficult the burglary is.

A window handle with locking mechanism prevents criminals from forcing the lock and opening the sash.

The glazing must meet the requirements of each safety class according to standards.


Windows and patio doors are the weak points of your house.  However, well-targeted burglary-resistant measures provide an efficient way to stop burglars. Burglars always act under the pressure of time, because each extra second increases the chance of being caught.

The standard equipment of the Izotec windows is activPilot hardware made by Winkhaus. This provides basic protection in two ways:

  • with octagonal locking bolts with mushroom head
  • safety lock steel pads

This protection level is recommended for dormer and gable windows.

For windows and balcony doors in the upper floors, Izotec recommends the RC1 protection class.

Winkhaus hardware made of octagonal locking bolts with mushroom head, anti-burglary steel locking pads and lockable window handles make windows very hard to force open.

For ground floor windows and basement and semi-basement windows, as well as patio doors, Izotec recommends the RC2 protection class.

The Winkhaus hardware system placed on all sides, with octagonal locking bolts and anti-burglary steel pads on the sash, combined with lockable window handle, provides high safety to your home.