Izotec window and door solutions are suitable for any type of new construction or renovation project. They feature:

excellent thermal insulation properties
certification from the German Institute for Window Engineering – IFT Rosenheim
outstanding durability and stability
high burglar resistance
modern design, adapted to the current architectural style
innovation and diversity
extended warranty

We know how important your project is, that is why we have completed four types of windows for your complete satisfaction.

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The Izotec product portfolio includes a very wide range of PVC windows and doors, from models with advanced technologies, appropriate for passive houses, to cost-effective, value-for-money solutions.

  • Residential buildings
  • Company headquarters and non-residential buildings
  • Special projects
  • Architectural preservation renovations
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I was impressed with your company, your seriousness and promptness, and I hope you keep up the good job. Thank you for your collaboration. Well done

Daniel C., distributor and installer, Italy-France

Professional, available, clear, concise, in a word: EXCEPTIONAL. Congratulations!

A beneficiary, Rome, Italy

I was impressed with the advanced technology used, rigor and professionalism.


I was impressed by the quick reaction when problems arise. It is an honourable company.

A collaborator

I have visited the factory. I was speechless.

Fabian T.

For the PVC joinery we needed, we obtained from Izotec a considerably lower price compared to the market of Iaşi. The delivery and installation were prompt, according to the date set in the contract. But most important for a real estate project like ours is that the guarantee really means guarantee, i.e. the company has always responded to our requests and the small adjustments subsequent to the installation are really taken seriously. Therefore we believe that, by working with a large company such as Izotec, the risks related to the exterior PVC joinery are considerably reduced, which is why our customers trust us.

Tudor S., real estate developer, Iaşi

The quality-price ratio, the quick turnaround and the seriousness convinced us to choose them. They always delivered on time, and are very serious and dedicated.

Florin O, collaborator, Mureş

I was impressed by the PVC joinery packaging and the promptness of the staff.e.

Marius Catalin T., client, Italy

Staff made up of professionals, very kind and well-trained, willing to explain thoroughly all the details. The visit to the factory is edifying. Keep it up!

Sabin T.

You received us in a very warm and proffesional way. We enjoyed the visit very much. It was very impressing. I found the visit the most helpfull in Romania (I say it after many visits here). Thanks a lot and good luck!

(traducere) Ne-aţi primit într-o manieră extrem de caldă şi profesionistă. Ne-a plăcut foarte mult vizita, a fost impresionant. Vizita la fabrica Izotec a fost cea mai completă (şi am facut multe vizite în România). Mulţumim şi mult succes!

Yehiel W., Israel

The new production hall has made a very good impression on me. I was very impressed and I appreciate the management and the production

Marcel P., collaborator, Suceava

An impressive concept for a city like Piatra Neamţ. We are proud to have you as partners for the window and door segment. I wish you much success..

Manuel E., builder, Iaşi

The job went without a hitch, congratulations! I am very pleased with the windows and how many closure points each window and door have.

Adrian G, Neamţ

Thumbs up for the PVC joinery. I like the hinges you use, they’re bigger and sturdier. Great packaging!

Daniel C, builder

Reliability, transparency, help, fast delivery. I have nothing to criticize. I was helped whenever I needed it!

Mihaela G, partner, Braşov
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