Since 2004, Izotec Group has been among the leading producers of premium PVC windows. We offer high-quality products at a fair price, delivered swiftly and we are dedicated to ensuring the success of our partners’ projects.

We are actively seeking PVC windows resellers and construction businesses, who wish to benefit from premium products and services, along with financial advantages. Together, we can contribute to educating the PVC windows market and defining new quality standards, allowing clients and end-users to enjoy successful projects.

Solutions for energy-efficient and soundproof buildings

Mai puțini bani investiți pentru amenajarea locuinței

Thermal and acoustic insulation characteristics

We manufacture premium PVC windows with 3 gaskets, profile with 6 chambers, and a 3-pane glass package to guarantee ideal thermal insulation, controlled ventilation and a high level of burglary protection. These windows can maintain optimal indoor temperatures throughout the year, preventing heat loss in winter and keeping cool air in during the summer. Additionally, they contribute to lower energy consumption and higher energy efficiency.

Proven quality that stands the test of time

We are the first PVC windows manufacturer in Romania to achieve CE certification. We guarantee a high level of quality, with the production process carefully examined by experts from the German Institute for Window Technology, IFT Rosenheim. Since the beginning of 2019, all Izotec Group’s window series have received the highest level of certification – IFT Qualitat.

Protection against break-ins

Izotec Group’s premium windows undergo constant burglary resistance tests, where they demonstrate excellent performance. Even in the standard configuration, we provide enhanced protection thanks to sturdy German hardware components and profiles reinforced with solid steel.

Slow ventilation, no worries about the mold

Izotec premium PVC windows come standard with micro-ventilation, ensuring slow and controlled ventilation in 4 steps. This helps prevent the appearance of dampness, mold or unpleasant odors.

Controlled ventilation without noise

Izotec also produces double-glazed windows with parallel opening at 6 mm, allowing for space ventilation without outside noise interference.

Modern design, no visible hinges

Suppliers and distributors of PVC profiles we collaborate with have the opportunity to execute bold projects using custom-made windows equipped with concealed hinges, which are easier to maintain. These enable the design of large glazed spaces that provide more natural light.

Want to sell internationally certified windows in your local area?

Become an Izotec Group partner if:

  • you operate in the construction, real estate, or architecture sector, or if you are a supplier or distributor of PVC windows looking for a reliable collaboration with fast product delivery
  • you value your clients, want to maintain your company’s image and need a serious manufacturer who, in turn, respects you
  • you wish to consistently benefit from financial advantages and fair pricing
  • you want the assurance that the final project will be completed on time
  • you require a PVC windows manufacturer who understands your needs, provides personalized offers, and helps you with technical information

Here’s what we can offer:

  • a reliable partnership built on trust, seriousness, and professionalism
  • guidance and assistance whenever you need it
  • premium products with international certification – such as Izo3+ windows
  • delivery within 7 days for specific products (depending on location), so that your projects don’t face unnecessary delays
  • priviledged financial conditions and fair prices

Izotec Group’s products always meet the highest standards

Izotec Group’s double-glazed windows and doors have the most important features available in premium PVC windows: profile with six-chambered structure and hardware made in Germany, triple glass packages, ventilation in 4 steps or parallel opening – 6 mm, various colors and the highest security classification.







I was deeply impressed by how the windows were packed and by their promptness.

M.C., beneficiary, Italy

Seriousness, transparency, help, and fast delivery. I have nothing bad to say. I was helped whenever I needed!

Mihaela G., partner, Brașov

The job turned out great, congratulations! I am very satisfied with the windows and the number of closing points on each window and door.

Adrian G., beneficiary

They are the best PVC windows manufacturers in the country, extremely professional and serious. I am very satisfied with our collaboration.

Cristian T., beneficiary

I was very impressed by your company, its seriousness, promptness, and I hope you will continue this way. Thank you for the collaboration. Well done!

Daniel C., distributor-installer, Italy-France

An impressive concept for a city like Piatra Neamț. We are proud to have you as partners for the window and door segment.

Manuel E., builder, Iași

I’m impressed by how quickly you respond when problems arise. It’s an honorable company.

A collaborator

Quick loading, friendly people, everything went fast.

Andrei, beneficiary

Delivery and assembly were prompt, according to the date specified in the contract. However, the most important aspect, for a real estate project like ours, is that the warranty truly means a warranty. We always received responses to our requests, and minor adjustments after installation were taken seriously. Therefore, we consider that by collaborating with a large company like Izotec Group, the risks related to windows are considerably reduced, which is why we can convey trust to our clients.

Tudor S., real estate developer, Iași

You received us in an extremely warm and professional manner. We really enjoyed the visit; it was impressive. The visit to the Izotec Group’s factory was the most comprehensive (and we’ve made many visits in Romania). Thank you and good luck!

Yehiel W., Israel

I was very impressed by the new production hall. I was very impressed and appreciated the management and the production team.

Marcel P., collaborator, Suceava

I’m delighted with the visit to the Izotec Group’s factory, pleasantly surprised by the availability and dialogue we had and by the technical level of the new equipment.

Partner, Vrancea

Complex and informative visit. Now we really know what we’re buying! Thanks for everything!

F.M., Neamț

Seriousness. And, most importantly: promptness.

Liviu D., beneficiary

Staffed by professionals, very friendly and well-prepared, willing to explain all the details in depth. The visit to the factory is enlightening. Keep it up!

Sabin T.

Seldom have I had the chance to see where those things created by people for people and important in everyday life are made. It’s always a pleasure to come to Izotec Group and I appreciate it when I know that some people are doing their job well and passionately. Thank you!

Partner, Transylvania

After many years of collaboration, it’s a pleasure to be back at Izotec Group’s factory. The strides Izotec Group has made during this time are huge, and the results are up to expectations. The new and advanced equipment contributes to quality production. Congratulations and good luck!

D.G., beneficiary
Who are we?


We custom-manufacture PVC doors and windows according to international standards, using state-of-the-art computer-assisted machinery and top-quality materials supplied by industry-leading manufacturers. Our partners can benefit from top-notch products at fair prices, delivered swiftly, ensuring maximum satisfaction for their clients.

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