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Izo3+: Premium Window with 3 Gaskets and 6-Chambered Profile

To provide our partners with high-quality products and premium features, we constantly innovate and improve the windows we produce in our factory. Together with our German supplier, Gealan, we introduce the new windows with 6 chambers and 74 mm depth PVC profile.

This premium window is highly recommended for any new construction or renovation project, whether it’s a house, apartment, real estate development or business building.

Explore the Benefits of Izo3+

Energy Efficiency

A core necessity for thermal glass windows is to enhance insulation efficiency. to ensure minimal energy consumption without compromising comfort. These windows are a successful investment, offering both quality and financial advantages.

The energy efficiency of Izo3+ is significantly increased, thanks to the addition of a third sealing element, one of the innovative components found in the new Gealan Linear profile, produced in Germany by our PVC supplier.

Since 2020, new buildings must adhere to the nearly zero-energy building (nZEB) standard, where energy consumption must be close to zero. This necessitates sourcing a significant portion of energy from renewable sources, including on-site or nearby renewable energy generation facilities. Given the cost of these green energy sources, increasing attention is being given to the energy performance of all construction materials employed. The new Izo3+ window with 6 chambers and 3 gaskets profile ensures excellent thermal insulation and can have a substantial impact on the energy efficiency of buildings. If you sell windows locally, Izo3+ is an essential addition to any product portfolio.

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Savings, Thanks to Windows with 3 Gaskets

In recent years, there has been a significant demant of windows with three sealing elements. However, frequently, the budget assigned for PVC windows falls short of covering the expense for high-end windows. That is why we wanted to provide our partners with an attractive solution: a high-quality product with top-tier performance.

In collaboration with our partner, Gealan Germany, we can now offer the new window with 3 gaskets at the price of 2 gaskets! We believe that, in the near future, windows with 3 seals will become a standard for all buildings, regardless of their purpose – residential or commercial. Together, we can contribute to setting this standard. Be among the first distributors to include Izo3+ into your product selection!

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Soundproof and Enhanced Comfort

Soundproofing buildings is crucial, regardless of their purpose. To minimize external noise levels, customers seek top-tier windows.

Izo3+ windows provide efficient sound insulation and are a successful choice for any construction project.

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Sleek and Clear Design

The new Izo3+ window aligns with the minimalist trends in modern architecture, featuring a simple and clear design with straight lines. These windows have narrow profiles and a larger glass area, allowing more natural light in.

The triple-glazed packages for Izo3+ windows can combine various types of glass panes, offering superior solar control and exceptional thermal insulation. Izotec Group’s windows ensure the perfect temperature and ideal lighting year-round.

During hot seasons, thermal glass windows help maintain a pleasant indoor temperature; this allows you plan large glass areas with excellent light transmission, in line with current exterior design trends. In colder times, they provide 30% better thermal insulation than standard double-glazed windows and effectively address heat loss issues.

The Izo3+ window can be equipped with a 4-season (4S) glass package and Low Emissivity (Low-E) glass for optimal indoor thermal conditions and reduced energy consumption.

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Multiple Color Options

The success of a construction project depends not only on the performance and comfort of the windows but also on their appearance: they must perfectly fit the building’s architecture. The new Izo3+ window offers further benefits, thanks to its modern design and unique color or finish options!

Our range includes various color options for PVC windows. You have multiple options; customers can choose PVC profile colors based on their building’s sun exposure. If the house facade is exposed to the sun for many hours a day, light shades and laminated glass surfaces are suitable, because they reduce UV radiation transmission indoors.

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Multiple Options for Ventilation

High-performance thermal glass windows can help address issues like humidity, mold, or unpleasant odors. Izo3+ premium windows ensure slow and controlled ventilation with 4 opening adjustments, thanks to the micro-ventilation system, included in our standard offer. We also provide windows with parallel opening – 6 mm, allowing controlled ventilation while maintaining acoustic comfort by controlling external noise transmission.

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RC2/RC3 Safety Class

We provide both standard and extra-security options. In the standard configuration, we use German hardware with robust steel components, reinforcing the windows with interior steel reinforcement. For enhanced protection, we offer additional options. A window with special security equipment, classified RC2/RC3, comes with a key-operated handle, laminated glass and an increased number of special steel hardware pieces, following the specifications in the technical documentation. Thanks to these elements, the window is secured at a higher level and prevents forced entry.

The 6 mm opening is another security feature. When this mechanism is activated, it’s difficult to tell that the windows are open, from the outside. Intruders won’t be able to enter due to the anti-burglary security systems.

Izotec Group’s premium windows can make a difference in terms of comfort and security, as they are continually tested by the German Window Technology Institute, IFT Rosenheim. This means they undergo numerous burglary resistance tests. In addition to the low noise levels coming from the outside, controlled ventilation and easy operation, Izotec Group’s premium windows offer increased security against break-ins.

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Izo3+ Technical Details

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