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A pleasant and comfortable ambience for your home!

IzoConfort allows the design of large windows with very good thermal insulation properties, high burglar resistance and efficient noise protection – essential elements that improve the quality of life.

The IzoConfort range is recommended for any type of modern construction or renovation project.

It is one of the leading PVC profile producers in the world, dedicated to the development of advanced technological solutions for the construction of modern windows and doors.

By its coefficients, the S8000 system proves the capacity of the profile to meet the most demanding requirements in the construction field.

Advantages of the IzoConfort window

Solutions for windows and doors

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More than just white…

The profiles of IzoConfort windows can be personalized in various colours and textures.

You can see the full range of colours on the colour chart in showrooms or from Izotec representatives in the field.

Stejar auriu

Golden Oak





Gri antracit


Stejar inchis

Dark Oak

A pleasant and comfortable ambiance for your home!

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