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IzoElite Premium Windows

Windows are not an everydayinvestment; you expect them to endure over time. To enjoy the same appearance and quality year after year, it’s crucial to choose premium windows with thermal glass panes, that meet both your comfort and aesthetic needs.

Choose IzoElite, premium windows equipped with three thermal glass panes and three gaskets. These windows provide superior insulation, performance, and cost-efficiency. They keep the fittings safe in winter and, most importantly, contribute to reducing your bills.

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Safety class – RC3 (maximum for PVC windows)

Thermal transfer coefficient – Uf up to 0,89 W/(m²K)

Color resistance – up to 30 years for profiles with Acrylcolor

52 mm glass package (54 mm with STV)

Top-Quality IzoElite Windows

Excellent Thermal Insulation

Thermal comfort means having a cool home in the summer and enough warmth in the winter. Thanks to three gaskets and triple-pane glass, IzoElite windows help maintain the optimal temperature indoors year-round. Additionally, they significantly reduce electricity and gas bills, ensuring substantial savings to your family budget.

With an 83 mm profile depth, you can choose a glass package of up to 52 mm (54 mm with STV), featuring 4-season (4S) glass and Low Emissivity (Low-E) glass to provide the best thermal and soundproofing performance, regardless of the season.

Choose quality, innovative, and secure thermal glass windows, as only they will provide the durability, comfort, and safety you deserve.

izotec izoelite

Excellent Sound Insulation

Noise coming from the outside can be very disturbing, especially when you want to rest after a long day. With the right windows, you can enjoy a peaceful sleep without hearing honking, drilling, or even the TV playing in the adjacent room. Choose IzoElite – windows with three gaskets and triple-pane glass. You can combine different types of glass in the glass package to achieve exceptional sound insulation.

Your rooms will be brighter and more spacious and you can enjoy more natural light and even panoramic views of the surroundings. Plus, if you want to sing along to your favorite tunes or watch an intense football match, you can do so without disturbing the neighbors.

izotec izoelite

High-Quality Profiles

IzoElite windows, with their acrylcolor-coated surface, make cleaning a breeze. The acrylic surface is highly resistant to sunlight, so these profiles won’t fade like ordinary ones. They withstand harsh environmental factors like extreme temperatures and rain. Even if you accidentally scratch them, the paint layer is thick enough to allow for easy touch-ups.

Another significant advantage of IzoElite premium windows is the option for slow and controlled ventilation in four steps, thanks to micro-ventilation, included in our standard offer. This helps prevent condensation, humidity, or mold growth, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.

You can also choose a glass package with laminated glass, which significantly reduces UV radiation and preserving the texture and color of your interior furnishings for a longer time.


Anti-Theft Protection

For IzoElite windows to be safe and well-sealed, we provide standard steel plates that resist extreme weather conditions like wind and rain, as well as burglary attempts.

You can equip the windows with handles featuring locking mechanisms, to prevent intruders from tampering with the latch and opening the window. Childproof handles with keys are also available, to ensure the little ones can’t open the window unsupervised.

IzoElite windows have the best hardware for thermal glass windows and can be equipped with special systems that provide maximum security, reaching RC3 – the highest safety class category.

These windows undergo rigorous testing and receive IFT Quality certification from IFT Rosenheim in Germany, one of Europe’s most important institutes for window technology. Our commitment to customers continues even after the warranty period.

RC3 classification requires a minimum of 16 locking points for the window, with steel bolts and safety plates, key-operated handles, and anti-burglary glass.


Protection Against Moisture

When no one is at home, you can safely leave IzoElite windows open with a ventilation gap of about 6 mm all around, as they cannot be forced from the outside. In fact, when you’re away during the day or on vacation, the gap for optimal home ventilation is not visible from the outside.

Izotec Group makes windows with 6 mm perimetrical opening, with safety elements placed on all sides of the window, preventing forced entry by burglars. Even when open, these features guarantee RC2 safety class, superior to standard closed windows. Thus, they ensure better protection against natural hazards or break-in attempts. RC2 level requires, according to the standard, a minimum of 7 locking points for the window, with steel bolts and safety plates.

This way, you can enjoy safety while maintaining optimal humidity and ventilation in your home, preventing humidity, mold and unpleasant odors.


Customization to Your Preferences

It’s crucial for IzoElite windows to provide functionality, but equally important is that they complement the overall appearance of your home. Choose profiles in color shades that match your home and glass that allows ample light to enter.

You can also choose windows with concealed hinges, for a modern design and increased reliability, which significantly changes the typical aesthetics of your space.

If you have a home with small windows, their profiles’ color should be in a light shade, to make them appear larger. For larger windows, you can choose any color matching the facade. If your house is in an area constantly exposed to the sun, white or lighter-colored windows are recommended for increased UV resistance.

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Technical Details

You deserve the best types of double glazing windows, so you can enjoy comfort and safety in your home, regardless of the season and atmospheric conditions.

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Choose quality, innovative, and safe products, because only these will provide you with the true level of durability, comfort, and safety you deserve.

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