After the outstanding results obtained by the window IzoSense – powered by Trocal, we have some news about the performance achieved by the window IzoKlass – powered by KÖMMERLING – in the CE certification tests.

IzoKlass is the newest series in the Izotec’s portfolio. This has followed the standard route of our products. At the beginning of the serial production a window sample manufactured with the KÖMMERLING profile was sent for testing.

A large IzoKlass window, 1 m wide, 2.35 m high and sash of 66 kg, was tested at the IFT Rosenheim certified laboratory in Germany.

The test methods, according to the standard SR EN 14351-1:A2:2016, are designed to take into account the ideal conditions of use when the window is manufactured, assembled and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements and European standards requirements.

It is important to remember that a window that does not meet the arrangement of closing items according to the technical catalogue, or is incorrectly installed and handled, will fail to meet the parameters of the laboratory tests because it does not meet all the conditions specified above.

The performance achieved in the tests by the window IzoKlass – powered by KÖMMERLING is the best in all categories. Water tightness, wind load resistance and air permeability place this window in the highest performance class.

By using the series IzoKlass – powered by KÖMMERLING – you invest in a premium window, the quality of which is guaranteed by the outstanding test results!


Top parameters for the  IzoKlass window in the certification tests.

Air permeability

The IzoKlass window has achieved maximum performance in this test, namely Class 4 (with test pressure over 600 Pa).

Air permeability is the amount of air which, due to the test pressure, crosses the tested window in a closed and locked position. The basic permeability is Class 1 at an air pressure of 150 Pa.

If we convert in km/h the 600 Pascal pressure, i.e. the test value for Class 4, we get 112.5 km/h. This wind speed occurs during 10-11 level storms – uprooted trees and sea waves exceeding 12 meters in height.

Water tightness

Water tightness shows the capacity of a window to withstand the penetration of water, while being subject to wind pressure.

Under the tests, the windows are ordered in classes from 1A to 9A (the windows are sealed to a 600 Pascal wind pressure). Class 10 is for windows that resist to a wind pressure higher than 600 Pa.

The IzoKlass window was included directly in class 10 because it got an exceptional value – E1350 (it withstands at the pressure of 1350 Pa) in this test.

The window is virtually waterproof under violent storm conditions with a wind of over 160 km/h (value resulted by converting the 1350 Pa pressure in km/h).

Wind resistance

The wind load resistance of the window measures the bending of the most stressed section of the frame at a certain load caused by the wind pressure.

The IzoKlass window has obtained the best result at this test and was included in class C5 (the test pressure is 2000 Pa – wind speed of approximately 200 km/h).

The test confirms that the IzoKlass windows have an outstanding static strength and are highly resistant to damage caused by wind. In the long run, you will enjoy a stable home with a high degree of safety and comfort.

With the window IzoKlass – powered by KÖMMERLING
you really enjoy comfort, thermal insulation and increased anti-burglar safety!

The exceptional parameters achieved by the IzoKlass windows are also a result of the standard equipment with activPilot German hardware made by Winkhaus and certified by IFT. This enhances home security through burglar-resistant steel parts.

The 4-stage micro-ventilation and the wrong counter-actuation are also a standard feature of the Izotec windows.

Optional hardware can be selected up to the RC2 safety class, with parallel opening (perimeter– 3D) or concealed hinges, for a great design.

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