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IzoKub: Elegant, durable, energy-efficient windows

Discover our innovation in the design and functionality of PVC profile windows, with IzoKub! Thanks to a revolutionary architectural approach, IzoKub redefines all standards in window technology, offering architects creative flexibility and new aesthetic perspectives. With its distinctive appearance, exceptional safety level and remarkable thermal insulation, IzoKub asserts itself as a complete window solution for buildings with spectacular design. Successfully blending innovation, minimalism, and functionality, IzoKub offers a wide range of construction possibilities that bring added value for our partners and end-users.

Choose IzoKub: a mature, complete, balanced product you can rely on for the highest level of window excellence!

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10 centimeters: The Benchmark of Aesthetic Perfection

With its modern, minimalist design and exceptional technical features, the IzoKub window is the perfect choice for energy-efficient, durable buildings, with fabulous architecture.

IzoKub has nothing extra to disturb the eye and nothing missing to compromise performance.

The Gealan Kubus PVC profile, with 100 mm on all sides, ensures the architectural coherence of any façade, while also integrating efficient interior space insulation solutions.


Acrylcolor, for extremely resistant colors

Fluid appearance, without visible joints or edges

3 types of frame installation: visible, partially hidden, invisible

Profile with straight angles and equal sides of 10 cm

Excellent thermal insulation, with IKD and STV technologies

Suitable for passive houses and nZeb standard projects

Discover the benefits of IzoKub windows

Elegance and Style for Exceptional Projects

The IzoKub window epitomizes elegance and style in contemporary architecture. The profile with symmetrical sides of 100 mm offers a balanced appearance, while the mullion and lateral elements of the frame have the same visible portion, adding refinement and distinction to any architectural project. Harmoniously flowing lines come together to create a unified, minimalist look. IzoKub also impresses with its attention to detail: smooth surfaces without visible joints emphasize the elegance and simplicity of the design, as well as a seamless appearance of the frames.

The IzoKub window naturally integrates into any environment, regardless of the architectural style of the area, the building, or the interior design, adding sophistication and elegance. The large glazed area enhances the aesthetics of both facades and interior spaces, bringing in more light, vitality, and charm. IzoKub windows simply blend into the context, with discreet profiles that do not obstruct the view, invisible frames from the exterior, leaving the observer with an overall impression of harmony. The overall framework is what matters: the light and ambiance indoors, the building as a whole, the aesthetic coherence of the area; and IzoKub does not obstruct but facilitates the visual flow.

In the appearance of a building, the cleanliness of the windows also matters. And when it comes to IzoKub windows, you don’t need to worry: they are easy to clean, thanks to the geometry and compact construction of the profiles.

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Aesthetic Versatility and Durability

With its impeccable aesthetics and attention to detail, the IzoKub window becomes a natural choice for any exceptional project. The balance of forms offers unlimited possibilities and new creative perspectives in design. All this without compromising the exceptional technical characteristics of the glass, profiles, and hardware.

The Gealan Kubus profiles allow for the installation of completely visible, partially visible, or invisible frames, expanding design possibilities and allowing for extraordinary aesthetic results. Furthermore, the profiles are colored using the Acrylcolor technique, in a wide range of vibrant and durable colors. Due to the PVC layer being coated with an acrylic layer through coextrusion, there is no risk of peeling or discoloration of the colored layers. Additionally, the Kubus profile allows for the construction of a single 90-degree corner element without coupling, for exceptional finishes.

The IzoKub window can be equipped with a 4-season glass package (4S) and Low Emissivity (Low-E) glass for optimal thermal insulation, regardless of the season, even for very large glazed areas. Regardless of the chosen glass package, the glass panes are bonded using the STV® technique, which guarantees maximum stability. Thanks to this technology, the statics of a glass pane are transferred to the profile, making the entire construction more resistant.

The discreet hardware, made of high-quality steel – branded Winkhaus – offers multiple opening possibilities, visually complements the IzoKub window, is durable, and does not allow for any compromises in terms of system quality.

Therefore, the IzoKub window is built for generations, both due to the durability of the materials used and the discreet aesthetic integration, in any fashionable style of interior design.

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Exceptional Performance for Passive Houses

Discreet integration into the landscape and architecture of the area is not the only way IzoKub elegantly interacts with the surrounding environment. The highly-resistant materials used in its manufacturing aren’t the sole aspect demonstrating our concern for the future. The IzoKub window is also discreet in terms of its carbon footprint, contributing to reducing energy consumption so that future generations can enjoy not only the same windows but also the surrounding environment.

We believe in sustainable development and take energy efficiency seriously, by reducing energy consumption without compromising comfort. We recognize that the largest portion of energy is dedicated to heating and cooling buildings. That’s why we created IzoKub windows. They maintain the level of indoor thermal comfort – regardless of the season – and protect the environment by conserving heat and energy. IzoKub is compatible with the concept of passive houses, in accordance with the IFT Rosenheim WA-15/2 directive.

Additionally, IzoKub adheres to the nZEB standard, which dictates that energy consumption in new buildings must be close to zero. The energy efficiency of IzoKub windows is very high, with a Uw value of up to 0.68 W/(m2K) and a Uf value of up to 0.88 W/(m2K). This makes a significant difference in reducing maintenance costs. Therefore, IzoKub windows are suitable even for green buildings with nZEB standards, contributing to the comfort, safety, and savings of users.


Technical Details

For truly impressive buildings, choose windows with minimalist design and exceptional technical features.

Tell us about your project!

The IzoKub window should not be missing from your portfolio if:

  • You sell windows and have clients building a modern villa or looking to renovate a stylish and practical home;
  • You are involved in new real estate projects that you can be proud of and on which you can develop your construction business;
  • You are an architect or interior designer and want to include beautiful and high-performance products in your projects;
  • You have a business in the hospitality, medical, sports, leisure, or other services industries and know very well that the aesthetic aspect of your space matters enormously;
  • You are building or renovating an office building, and it needs to impress, whether it’s clients, employees, or tenants;
  • You are an investor and want a minimalist look for your space, with maximum natural light, but you are also interested in reducing maintenance costs;
  • You are involved in the development of passive house projects or buildings with nZeb standards, which need to excel aesthetically as well.