Exceptional results in CE marking tests

Izotec Group is constantly preoccupied with producing high quality solutions for PVC joinery. The modern and performing technology investment program currently exceeds 8 million euros and is undoubtedly proof of the interest of Izotec Group in a high-quality production process.

Izotec products are permanently subjected to verifications to obtain certifications that support our assertions.

We are proud that we are the first Romanian PVC joinery manufacturer who was granted the right to affix the CE marking on its products in March of 2008.

The CE marking is mandatory for products exported to the European Union, confirming the quality and superior performance provided by the products of the Izotec Group.

For the test, a 1 m wide and 2.35 m high window was sent to the IFT Rosenheim certified laboratory in Germany (the tested area being 2.35 square meters).

All test methods are designed to take into account the ideal conditions of use when the window is manufactured, assembled and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements and European standards’ requirements.

It is good to know that a window which is not manufactured according to the arrangement of closure items listed in the technical catalogue, or is incorrectly installed and handled, will fail to meet the parameters of the laboratory tests because it does not meet all the quality conditions specified above.

The performance resulted when testing the IzoSense window – powered by Trocal – based on the tests according to SR EN 14351-1:A2:2016, show exceptional values for all categories. Water tightness, wind load resistance and air permeability place this window in the highest performance class.

This ensures that IzoSense windows – powered by Trocal – are high quality, durable and functional products that provide excellent stability and sealing.


Exceptional parameters for the IzoSense window in certification tests

Air permeability

Air permeability is the amount of air which, due to the test pressure, crosses the tested window in a closed and locked position. The basic permeability is Class 1 at an air pressure of 150 Pa.

The maximum performance is Class 4 (with test pressure over 600 Pa), this level being obtained by the IzoSense window.

If we convert the pressure measured in pascal (Pa) in speed measured in km/h, 600 Pa means 112.5 km/h. This wind speed occurs during the 10-11 level storms when trees are unrooted and the sea waves exceed 12 meters in height.

The windows in Class 4 air permeability have increased resistance to external pressure and provide excellent insulation.

Water sealing

Water sealing tests the window’s ability to withstand water penetration under wind pressure. The performance of this feature ranges from Class 1A to Class 9A (600 Pa wind pressure), and the 10th class is for higher wind pressure (over 600 Pa).

The IzoSense window obtained the outstanding value of E900 in this test. Basically, the window is waterproof under extreme storm conditions with a wind of over 135 km/h (900 Pa pressure).

At the same time, the result obtained by the IzoSense window exceeds by 50% the parameters obtained by previously certified Izotec windows, which have frequently been classified in class 9A water sealing.

Wind resistance

The window wind load resistance measures the bending of the most stressed section of the frame at a certain load caused by the wind pressure.

Regarding this parameter, the IzoSense window also exceeds the values previously obtained by Izotec products, being classified in the C5 class (the wind pressure is 2000 Pa).

The window is very resistant to damage caused by wind loads and ensures long-term stability and durability for construction. The IzoSense windows provide high safety and a good mood for you and your family!

With the IzoSense window – powered by Trocal
you really enjoy comfort, thermal insulation and increased anti-burglar safety!

It is the optimal solution for new buildings and renovations, highlighting the slim design of the profile elements.

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