We deliver robust windows for sturdy homes, both domestically and internationally


Izotec products are equipped with top-quality materials sourced from leading players in the joinery field:

  • Gealan and Profine PVC profiles (the world’s top two PVC profile manufacturers)
  • Winkhaus hardware
  • SaintGobain glass
  • high-quality steel reinforcements

Although we work with the same suppliers as other domestic manufacturers, the resulting Izotec Group’s products are anything but ordinary

The strengths of an Izotec Group’s product are determined by several factors, including:

  • a fully automated technological process
  • the superior quality of accessories used
  • constant testing of Izotec Group’s factory by specialized institutions
  • generous production capacity
  • standard superior hardware elements compared to other manufacturers
  • an online application for managing inquiries

As part of our development strategy, we have chosen to emphasize the promotion and priority recommendation of premium window products, whether for large-scale real estate projects, corporate headquarters, or equipping private homes.


“People sanctify a place” (Romanian saying) and maintaining one’s humanity in the tough world of business has been and remains a life philosophy and a professional attitude embraced by every Izotec Group employee in their daily activities.

Respect for customers, colleagues, and internal and external collaborators represents a fundamental value in our business philosophy.

When we manufacture a window, we ask ourselves the most important question: would I install this window in my own home? Is it the best solution for people?

And this way of looking at things is in everything we do.

We welcome you to join us with enthusiasm, ideas and perseverance as we change the way we communicate with customers. We aim to be the first to offer UNIQUE advisory services and pioneer a new model for selling PVC windows!

Let’s discuss your project!