We use advanced technologies and make PVC windows and doors in a wide range of models. The Izotec PVC joinery has a good price-quality ratio and meets the parameters required for the construction of passive houses.

Because it’s important to know our projects, you can browse through a selection of images showing Izotec’s works, below .

Residential buildings

The most important project we have been involved in is the Solar District of Bucharest – the first residential complex in Romania that works with green energy. The windows made for this neighbourhood show the high efficiency standards of the design and ensure the achievement of passive house performance.

Company headquarters and non-residential buildings

Office buildings, shops, restaurants, bars and many other non-residential buildings and premises equipped with PVC joinery windows and doors of Izotec brand.

Advantageous solutions for windows and doors

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Special projects

Hospitals and clinics, boarding houses, sport halls, social care institutions, cultural institutions.

Architectural preservation renovations and new dwellings

Holiday homes, permanent homes, villas, non-residential buildings, etc.

We provide our customers with products that are appropriate for their project specifics, we make recommendations and help with our experience to the success of each work.At the same time, we promote modern technical solutions that improve the performance of PVC joinery.

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