Sliding PVC Doors with Thermal Pane Glass

PVC sliding doors are among the most modern and efficient solutions for interior designs and access to balconies, terraces or courtyards. They are highly recommended by construction experts and interior designers because they combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, using the latest technologies.

The Operating Principle of Sliding Doors

A glass sliding door is different from a glass gliding door, even though these two models may appear identical at first glance.

An exterior gliding door operates on the principle of remaining on the same track, whereas a sliding door has a door leaf in a parallel plane, ensuring a much more reliable and robust locking system.

Both sliding and gliding glass door systems are designed to provide more space within your home and easy access to your yard and garden. The difference lies in the fact that sliding doors do not require the installation of a gliding rail. Consequently, the risk of malfunctions is lower, the insulation is superior, and the materials used for the opening and closing mechanism are of higher quality.

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Types of Sliding Doors

Modern architecture trends focus on creating larger spaces, continuous glazed areas, and more openness to the surrounding environment. Simultaneously, these spaces must meet increasingly stringent energy-saving requirements. The IzoPremiDoor 88 PVC sliding door system perfectly aligns with this trend.

The range of PVC lifting sliding doors is based on the Premidoor 88 mm profile system made by Profine. It has significant depth, high stability and excellent insulation values.

Various handle options are available:

  • Interior handle and exterior “shell” handle, without a door hub
  • Interior and exterior handles with a door hub
  • Interior handle without a door hub, with the possibility of automation

White PVC Profile Sliding Doors

The most popular models of sliding doors are those with white profiles, known for their versatility and high quality. Izotec Group offers various models of white thermal glass doors, suitable for classic and modern interior designs.

The maximum dimensions for white-framed sliding doors are 650 x 290 cm.

Colored PVC Profile Sliding Doors

Diversifying the color palette is a commonly used technique in laminating door profiles. Adding a splash of color also includes using two different colors for the interior and exterior of a door profile.

Izotec Group offers both PVC-colored and aluminum-clad PVC door options. The maximum dimensions for colored (including aluminum) doors are 650 x 260 cm.


Benefits of Sliding Doors

Significant Energy Savings

By installing sliding thermal glass doors, you achieve superior thermal comfort and significant energy savings. PVC sliding door models equipped with 5-chamber profiles and glass packages up to 56 mm thick provide three insulation barriers for enhanced protection against extreme temperatures, precipitation, and external noise.

Izotec Group’s sliding door systems offer high profile stability, exterior glazing, and thresholds made of wood, plastic and composite materials, for superior strength and insulation, while maintaining optimal ventilation within your home.

Even in small apartments, it is recommended to install PVC sliding doors at the size of an entire wall, ensuring easy access to balconies and separating the living room from the kitchen or other spaces. Large glazed surfaces can create bright and relaxing spaces in any apartment or studio, with excellent sound and thermal insulation.

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Ease of Operation

Sliding door systems open and close with ease, contributing to increased comfort when accessing outdoor areas. Despite their large dimensions, these doors do not require great force to operate. A simple touch is enough, with no extra effort or additional movements required.

The hardware is designed to allow doors to be used safely by children, the elderly or individuals with disabilities.

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Silent Gliding

Sliding doors offer superior maneuverability, allowing for smooth, silent operation and the possibility of automation – with a remote control. Izotec Group’s standard offer includes special equipment for enhanced safety:

  • anti-pinch systems to prevent door damage and accidental impacts;
  • recessed thresholds for easy access for all users;
  • step-by-step opening for controlled ventilation.
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Wide Openings for Floor-to-Ceiling Glazed Spaces

Exterior sliding thermal pane doors allow for large openings in glazed spaces, which can extend to the size of an entire wall. This ensures natural light throughout the day, totally safe.

Thus, excellent visibility towards the exterior and a generous view of the surroundings create a pleasant feeling of tranquility and a closer connection to nature.


High-Level Protection Against Forced Entry

Exterior sliding thermal pane doors provide access to outdoor areas exposed to break-in attempts, so they come equipped with hardware elements that ensure a high level of protection.

Izotec Group’s sliding doors can also be equipped with laminated glass, which is resistant to impacts, breakage, or break-in attempts. Laminated glass is obtained by sandwiching two or more glass sheets together with a synthetic film (PVB).

The plastic film bonds the glass sheets together and keeps the entire surface intact in case of damage, preventing glass shards from scattering. Small accidents that can occur at home do not pose a danger.

The degree of safety and resistance increases proportionally with the thickness of the glass sheets and the number of synthetic films used. Izotec Group recommends installing safety glass and tripane glass (packages with 3 panes of glass).


Elegant Design with a Wide Range of Color Customization

PVC sliding door systems create an elegant appearance and offer flexibility in determining the fixed and mobile elements of access to your terrace. As a result, the outdoor and indoor spaces blend harmoniously, presenting a minimalist design that fits seamlessly into any landscaping.

Customized color and texture combinations for PVC sliding door joinery can be chosen to highlight the house’s architecture and create a cheerful ambiance in optimistic tones.

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Izotec Group’s experts can help you configure and implement sliding thermal glass doors, based on the specifics of your projects.

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