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Izotec Group – Our Journey


In the heart of Piatra Neamț, Izotec Group embarked on its remarkable journey, pioneering the production of PVC carpentry.

Our vision was clear: to cater to people’s demand for custom-made double-glazed windows that combined exceptional quality with affordability.


A pivotal year for Izotec Group as we relocated our operations to a spacious 20,000 sqm facility, situated just 10 km from the city. During this period, we set into motion our first two production units.

Notably, Izotec Group proudly introduced Romania to a CNC machining center, raising the bar for PVC windows to meet international standards.


Windows made by Izotec Group became the first Romanian windows to proudly bear the CE mark — a certification bestowed upon us by the prestigious European Institute, ift Rosenheim in Germany.


With the launch of the “Different School” project, we opened our doors to schoolchildren from the county, by organizing visits to the Izotec Group’s factory. Each year, we welcome over 250 children, aged between 7 and 14, introducing them to the world of quality craftsmanship.


Recognizing our unwavering commitment and collaboration in Romania, Gealan awarded us the title of Gold Partner.


A significant milestone was reached as our third production factory, equipped with cutting-edge PVC carpentry processing equipment, was brought to life.

The Schirmer cutting and processing center, a unique addition in the country at that time, could process an impressive 300 pieces of carpentry in just 8 hours—an investment totaling 2 million euros.


Celebrating the 10th anniversary of our first CE marking certification, Izotec Group, as a certified manufacturer, proudly supported the creation of the first professional installation guide in Romanian.

This collaboration with the esteemed ift Rosenheim Institute and the specialist publication Fereastra was an exclusive endeavor open only to national and international companies certified by ift Rosenheim in this field.


A culmination of over a decade’s dedication led to Izotec Group receiving the highest recognition from the ift Rosenheim Institute in Germany – the coveted “IFT Qualitat” designation. After more than 10 continuous certifications, we now stand among the select few Romanian companies that hold both IFT Rosenheim Germany certification and this elevated level of attestation. It’s worth noting that thermopane companies with IFT Rosenheim certification typically hold lower test or standard levels, further emphasizing our commitment to excellence.


Continuing our tradition of innovation, we commissioned a state-of-the-art machine manufactured by the renowned German company URBAN. This machine excels in invisible welding, nearly fully automated, and represents an investment exceeding 1 million euros. Funding for this endeavor was secured through EEA Grants and Norwegian Grants. This cutting-edge addition significantly enhances production efficiency, elevating quality, reducing consumption, increasing speed, and minimizing human effort.

As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, we launched an electricity supply facility powered by a photovoltaic system, thanks to ElectricUp – a national program. This initiative also includes a charging station for electric vehicles, contributing to our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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