PVC Thermopane Window

Windows play a crucial role in insulating your home, as modern technologies create a perfect seal around the glass areas. Choose high-quality PVC thermopane windows with double glazing to enjoy increased comfort and many other advantages!

Izotec Group’s PVC thermopane windows come with up to three insulation gaskets and can better retain heat indoors compared to traditional wooden frames or models from 20 years ago. Besides superior thermal insulation, our PVC windows protect your home from break-ins and ensure the much-desired peace and quiet after a long day.

Here are the primary benefits of Izotec Group’s PVC windows:

Available PVC thermopane windows made by Izotec Group

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Premium Windows,
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Benefits of Izotec Group’s PVC windows

Choosing the right thermopane windows for your home or office considers comfort as a top priority. However, it’s equally important not to overlook how they fit into the overall design.

To ensure you’ve selected the right solutions for each project, here are our recommendations when considering the purchase of PVC joinery with double-glazed windows:


Energy saving

The energy efficiency of buildings is becoming increasingly important, and thermal insulation of your home is a top priority. Regardless of the season, you want to feel comfortable at home while keeping utility bills low.

With Izotec Group’s premium windows, you can maintain a constant temperature indoors without worrying about exorbitant gas or electricity costs.

Here’s what sets our windows apart from regular ones:

  • PVC profiles manufactured in Germany

  • Three insulation gaskets

  • Deep profile with six chambers

  • Double or triple glazing package

  • Ventilation in 4 steps or 6 mm perimetral ventilation


Comfort and safety are important, whether you live in a house or an apartment.

Many break-in attempts occur through windows, so it’s essential to know the safety features of Izotec PVC windows:

  • PVC profiles reinforced with strong steel reinforcement

  • multiple pieces of steel hardware that lock the window from the inside, preventing external break-ins

  • glazing package with up to three layers of glass

Each year, Izotec Group’s PVC windows undergo rigorous testing and receive certification up to the highest level of security in the field, RC3. A window with special RC3 security features is equipped with a handle and key, safety glass, and a high number of steel hardware pieces (at least 16 locking points). Thanks to these features, the window can be secured at a superior level.

Sound insulation

Noise pollution is a significant source of stress, so it’s important to have a well-soundproofed home. Whether you want to rest after a long day at work or host a party without disturbing your neighbors, you’ll need PVC windows with excellent soundproofing qualities.

We recommend windows with three layers of glass and a glazing package of up to 52 mm deep. Additionally, you can choose a 3D opening system in a parallel plane. This way, fresh air enters through a narrow perimetral 6 mm-wide ventilation gap. Ventilating your home happens quietly, without drafts that can lead to slamming windows and the emergence of annoying sounds.

Contact us, if you’d like to become our partner or to order windows made by Izotec Group!


Resistant colors

Modern PVC window colors come in a wide range of models and shades. However, consider a few tips when choosing the most suitable PVC thermopane windows for your home:

  • sun exposure
  • façade matching
  • available space for windows
  • interior design matching

If your home already has spaces designed for smaller windows, it’s a good idea to choose lighter shades to create the impression of larger pieces. If you’re designing your home from scratch, consider sun exposure. We recommend PVC windows with an acrylcolor surface, which is much more resistant to fading, scratches and external factors’ aggression. This layer is the same as that used for car taillights and features a very durable color.

You can also take current trends into account, with some of the most popular colors being golden oak, mahogany, and anthracite gray. You can also choose two-tone windows with different profile colors for the interior and exterior.

Why choose premium windows  made by Izotec Group

PVC windows aren’t a purchase you make every year; they’re an investment in your future, your family, and the long-term resistance of the building you live in.

Izotec Group’s thermopane windows are made with high-quality raw materials and fully automated technological processes. We use advanced production programming, execution and monitoring software for a truly high-quality and durable product.

Izotec Group’s PVC windows undergo rigorous annual testing by specialized European institutions, with the focus on continuously improving product performance.

Following these tests, PVC thermopane windows made by Izotec Group received IFT Quality certification from IFT Rosenheim in Germany, the most important European institute for window technology. This way, we guarantee the durability and resistance of each component, especially during extreme weather conditions or attempted home break-ins.

The sun, wind, cold and rain are external factors that windows should manage without problems and Izotec Group’s PVC windows genuinely bring real benefits in terms of comfort and safety.

You can live healthily in a welcoming home furnished with premium windows made by Izotec Group!

Ask for a custom offer

To provide you with an accurate price estimate for Izotec’s PVC windows, it’s essential to identify your real needs for thermal insulation, soundproofing, security, design and ventilation options.

Discover the estimated price for replacing windows in an apartment or house project. Explore the customization options available for your specific needs.