This year, at the end of March, we celebrate 10 years since Izotec Group obtained the certification and permission to affix the CE marking on its products. This achievement is all the more remarkable as we were the first Romanian PVC joinery manufacturer who obtained this certification.

The CE marking is mandatory for products exported to the European Union, confirming the quality and performance of the products made by Izotec Group.

The CE marking is a ‘passport’ that guarantees compliance with the safety requirements allows the legal sale of the products and the free circulation of construction products in all EU countries.

At the European level there are assessment bodies able to prove that a manufacturer and its product range meet the requirements. Certification is complex and involves a wide process of assessment and monitoring. In our case the certification process lasted more than one year. The certificate is issued to the manufacturer on after multiple verifications. The certificate has a validity of 3 years, and the process of verification and monitoring of the manufacturer and its products continues during this time through visits made by the representatives of the assessment body.


The CE marking confirms that the finished product has been assessed before being placed on the market and that it meets all the applicable legal requirements for sale. This means that we, as a manufacturer, have checked the compliance of Izotec windows with all the relevant legal requirements and have asked for an examination of our products by an independent conformity assessment body, namely the German Institute IFT Rosenheim.

IFT Rosenheim is a prestigious institute for window technology located in Germany. Established in 1966, this certification body has an extensive experience in assessment and verification of performance of construction products, like the PVC joinery manufactured by Izotec Group.

All four product ranges made by Izotec are certified by IFT Rosenheim; the relevant documents may be found on the Institute’s website (see here)

The production process and the product range of Izotec Group have been certified for the last 10 years by the German Institute IFT Rosenheim.

These certifications confirm our constant concern for increasing the quality of our products and services.

We make regular investments in the development of our company for your safety and comfort, for more durable and safe windows and doors!


The CE marking and the performance statement can only be issued after a notified body has assessed and verified the product performance consistency and issued, as appropriate:

  • an assessment and verification certificate on the product performance consistency;
  • a conformity certificate certifying the production control in the factory;
  • a test report on assessment and verification of product performance consistency.

Please note that some products imported from China have a CE sign, which is very similar to that belonging to the European Union. The difference is that in the sign of China Export, the two letters do not have a space between them, as in the European mark.

Our recommendation is to carefully check the documents submitted by the suppliers so that you can make the best decision when purchasing PVC joinery.


For more details and information about Izotec windows and doors, we invite you to visit our showrooms or send us a message.


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